Key Proficiencies

Engineers who are product-focused and aligned with customer goals.

Procurement professionals and product designers agree Mars International's engineering team sets a new industry standard for global contract manufacturing, with unparalleled support throughout the product design and manufacturing process. Our broad contract manufacturing catalog and our roots in international contract manufacturing result in cost-effective solutions while improving product functionality and quality.

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Life Cycle

In our global contract product design process, your product travels through a sequence of stages leading to it's ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. Mars has the resources in each key step to ensure a successful journey . . . to learn more connect with us!

Critical Criteria for Selecting Contract Manufacturing Partners

Selecting the best contract manufacturer (CM) for your project can be a daunting task. They need to meet the requirements of the design team, the procurement team and the engineering staff. In this white paper, we review the most important criteria for finding a contract manufacturer that will support your company’s goals.

Internet of Things Technology Review

Are you using the right Internet of Things technology for your project?

Our new white paper will help you understand the differences between the IoT technologies that are available and the pros and cons of each one.

Download our white paper today before you begin your next IoT project.

Mars International specializes in manufacturing, assembling, and delivering a wide variety of products for various industries quickly and cost-efficiently. From simple electro-mechanical devices to the most complex finished goods, Mars International supplies high quality custom solutions that enrich our customers' product portfolios.

By leveraging our extended supply chain management infrastructure, including a global manufacturing network, accomplished product development expertise, and sophisticated supplier relationship strategies, our customers are able to realize their innovative ideas and bring new and improved products to the marketplace.

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Electrical & Mechanical Assemblies Specialists

Whether you're looking to manufacture a new electro-mechanical assembly or upgrade an existing one, Mars International has the knowledge and expertise to develop an efficient manufacturing strategy to meet your quality, cost, performance, and delivery requirements.

Mars International Presents

A Complete, Fully-integrated, Internet of Things Solution

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