05/27/21 3:11 pm

IoT is rapidly evolving and becoming an increasingly prominent part of the business sector. It’s time to pay closer attention to the evolution of the IoT and how it is changing over time because these inventions stand to make our businesses run more smoothly and our lives easier overall. However, to be able to reap the full benefits of the various aspects of IoT, you must stay ahead of all the trends and inventions that are emerging into the IoT on a regular basis.

04/26/21 4:41 pm

Mars International can mass-produce custom-made motor control boards domestically or internationally, depending on its manufacturing partner’s needs. Our team of engineers and designers have the capacity to create an existing or a pre-designed product and can work with partners to design a custom product from scratch to meet a customer’s unique and specific needs. 

Schematic and motor control board designs might not always look pretty on paper, but they are created with the understanding that parts must come together in a certain way for assembly at a high rate.

04/01/21 4:43 pm

In product development, you want to do everything in your power to ensure success. You can give yourself an advantage by writing a comprehensive product specification (spec). This document serves as the heart of your product and provides invaluable information to your development and manufacturing team. However, many times people fail to adequately prepare this document, with frustrating consequences. Let’s take a look at the second half of ten mistakes people make when writing their specifications so that you know what to avoid.

4:41 pm

An ideal product specification (spec) requires careful deliberation and can determine your product’s success. A spec is the heart of your project where all necessary information for your team accumulates. It’s easy to think you can address a problem later, but the better prepared you are initially, the smoother the process from inception to manufacturing will be. Here are the top five of ten mistakes people make when writing their specifications so that you know what to avoid.