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Holby Valves Prepares for the Future of IoT with Mars International [Case Study]
Holby Valves Prepares for the Future of IoT with Mars International [Case Study]


When companies embrace technology, they often reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. By aligning with the right partners, businesses can seize opportunities, address challenges, and redefine their business goals as they prepare for the future.

Holby Valves Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermostatic mixing valves used in the plumbing industry, was searching for a way to make its mechanical valves more competitive in the age of digital disruption.

01/03/18 10:51 am

We would like to invite you to join Ciqada® and Mars International at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show has grown to be the largest tradeshow in the world. We will be participating in this great event and would like to invite you to join us.

CES runs from January 9, 2018 through January 12, 2018. This show is a perfect venue for ciqada and Mars International to showcase our leading-edge IoT design solutions and services.

09/26/17 10:48 am

Fall is a popular time for trade shows, and ciqada and Mars International are hitting the road.

First up, we’re heading to Chicago, for the WEFTEC show, which runs from October 2 to October 4. After that, we’ll be in Orlando, which hosts this year’s International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in Orlando from November 1 through 3.

Ciqada provides design expertise and services using our portfolio of proven technologies to help businesses develop, commercialize, and manage IoT products.

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Identifying Critical Software Security Flaws – Part 3

This series of articles is focused on application layer vulnerability because it can be exploited to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of resources used by the application and its users. This layer may be difficult to protect so it is important to understand how it could be compromised. It is also very accessible to cyber criminals, so the best way to make the application layer secure is to ensure you develop secure applications.