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In order to maintain the right degree of technology for your business, consider the application of IoT. You would be in the majority, as 85 percent of companies are planning to implement the Internet of Things in 2020 according to data by Forrester Research. Take a closer look at five of the most pressing IoT trends in manufacturing in the coming year, and consider how you can apply this technology to your own manufacturing practices.

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Security Upgrade for IoT

Security has always been a major concern for the manufacturing sector. Ever since the internet began the rapid connection of customers and service providers, privacy and security have risen to the top concerns for companies and consumers. Globalization also greatly increases the risk of cybersecurity threats, which can account for millions of dollars in damages on the corporate level.

Accenture reports that the average cost of a single malware attack on a corporation in 2017 was $11.7 million. This is a staggering climb of 23 percent from the previous year. In addition, there are 130 security breaches, on average, annually around the world. Thankfully this year there is a viable solution. Mobile device management, according to PC Mag, is capable of protecting the Internet of Things, including the IoT in manufacturing.

Increased Vocalization

While automation has been the beck and call of the IoT in homes, that is changing. Among the IoT future trends, Forbes states that commercial sector devices using this technology will gain increased vocalization. Think of it like bringing Alexa or Siri into the manufacturing space, with voice control for devices like forklifts and conveyor belts. This will be primarily used for improving safety and efficiency with plenty of areas of opportunity for expansion.

Improvements in Infrastructure for IoT

In order for manufacturers to fully utilize the IoT for the supply chain, cities need to improve IoT infrastructure. According to PC Mag, that is happening this year. San Diego, California and Cary, North Carolina are pushing ahead with smart city initiatives that implement IoT information.

Smart cities will be equipped with technologies like 5G networks and AI systems that are compatible with IoT technology and systems. For manufacturing companies in need of IoT transportation and distribution solutions, these smart cities are instrumental in achieving this success.

Increase in Artificial Intelligence

This is the year that artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to enter the manufacturing sector in great strides. ZDNet reports that robotic process automation (RPA) that uses AI and the IoT will be more readily available. RPA offers great promise for the manufacturing industry in terms of putting IoT into production for better management practices.

IoT future trends, Recent trends in IoT, IoT trends 2019, IoT trends in manufacturing5G Speeds Up IoT

Finally, the IoT will get a shot of speed thanks to the growing adoption of 5G networks around the US and internationally. The broadening of the network falls right in line with the expansion of smart cities that depend on 5G technology. Whether your manufacturing technology requires 5G connectivity now, or you are looking to upgrade your equipment, 5G is here.


The top 5 manufacturing IoT trends to watch for in 2020 are:

  • Mobile device management for IoT manufacturing security
  • Growing vocalization of IoT-connected devices
  • Establishment of smart cities
  • Increase in AI and robotic process automation
  • 5G networks expand nationally and globally

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