10/13/20 2:08 pm

Gates and garage doors are designed to be safe and secure. One of the components that helps them remain that way is safety beams, which are a vital part of the structure. But a beam is much more than just a piece of wood or metal when it is used in this way. There are also mechanical aspects to these beams that have to be considered and help provide the security that is expected of these everyday items. There are a number of different applications for safety beams, and with their enclosed sensors and the need to be waterproof in many cases, the optics and plastics all make a difference in the quality and value of the beam itself.

Garage Door Safety Beams

Garage doors are commonly found on many houses and even on a number of commercial buildings. One of the safety features garage doors have is their sensors, so they do not close on an object, person or pet. A safety beam for a garage door senses when something or someone is in the way of allowing the door to close properly, so no damage or harm is done. It is a vital part of the secure operation of a garage door — and the peace of mind that comes with it.

A garage is generally a safe and secure place. But that does not mean there are no hazards there, or that there is no reason to be careful with the beams that are used. The plastics must hold up to long term usage, humidity and the changes in temperature that a garage can undergo. The beam still needs to be reliable and strong, and the sensors need to be effective and accurate, without risk of failure.

Safety Beams for Gates

Many locations have gates that protect gardens, yards and parking lots. When looking at safety beams for gates, the requirements are a little bit different than for a garage door. These beams are exposed to UV light because they are permanently outside instead of in a garage. Being able to hold up to weather conditions for years of reliable use matters. Maintaining safety and ease of use in the creation and design requirements of the safety beams for gates is our main focus.

Overhead Door Safety Beam Sensors

The current overhead door safety beam sensors use a plastic lens instead of the glass that was common in the past. Even if it seems as though the plastic is clear, it may not appear that way to certain wavelengths trying to pass through it. Some plastics work better for infrared light and our beam sensors are carefully tailored so they and the plastics we use work together properly.

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  • A garage door safety beam senses when something is blocking the door from closing, saving damage done to property or potential injuries. 
  • Safety beams for gates require professional attention to be made to hold up to weather and UV light.
  • Overhead door safety beam sensors are made of plastics that work well against infrared light.

Quality and Safety Combine for a Great Product

Reach out to us at Mars International today for high-quality safety beams that are installed properly and designed to work for the long term. There is no reason to settle for ineffective beams or those that are not going to provide the safety and security you are looking for. We are here to help and dedicated to meeting your safety and security needs for overhead doors, garage doors, gates, and more.