11/02/20 7:53 pm

Mars International has a professional design and development team that can utilize cutting-edge technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), to help you create and design the product of your dreams.

Benefits of Using a Professional Design and Development Team

Designing a product whose quality can compete with others on the market is an arduous and complex task. 

One of the top benefits of working with a design and development team is that they offer both pre and post-production support which can include prototyping services. We can help you develop proof of concept from scratch or build upon your existing model to achieve a more elevated end product you wish to market. Furthermore, prototyping is one of the most important steps in terms of creating a product. Our professional design and development team can take the lead in helping you create a functional prototype that sets the tone for the remainder of the process. 

Our team’s capabilities range from but are not limited to hardware design, software coding, network and systems engineering, product testing and validation, security analysis, data science, database programming and much more. Utilizing the extensive knowledge of our teams we can help you provide a better quality prototype.

designDesigned for Manufacturability

Our ‘Design for Manufacturability’ strategy establishes a methodology for concurrent product and manufacturing design, resulting in compressed development cycles and ensuring efficient, predictable and reliable products. This strategy is applied to all of our clients, regardless of the industry they are in, such as plastic engineering, electrical design, mechanical design and manufacturing engineering. By providing pre- and post-production support, our engineering team is the essential component to our core product design engineering services.

Working with a Professional Design and Development Company

Having a concise design and development strategy makes every step of creating a prototype easier. At Mars, our expertise lies in plastics, electronics, metals, as well as our technological proficiency in using tools such as the IoT, our ultimate goal is to bring products to the marketplace efficiently and quickly. Contact Mars International to start the process as soon as possible.