11/02/20 8:15 pm

Due to the current pandemic, most companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely as a means of limiting and reducing the spread of COVID-19, and other germs and viruses. No matter how seasoned a manager may be, managing a remote team of workers can be a difficult task that can take lots of time and energy to perfect.

Luckily, many businesses have been able to overcome the obstacles that tend to plague businesses and professionals who are new to remote learning by taking tips from seasoned professionals. Given that effective communication is the foundation of any successful situation, focusing on facilitating effective communication is one of the best methods of creating a well-functioning team of remote workers. With that in mind, the following is a list of tips and tricks from some experts at Mars International that are designed to help you do just that.

Rather than being able to simply walk into the next room or call an employee into your office when you have an issue to discuss, working from home makes it all the more difficult for companies to establish grounds for effective communication. Below are a few topics to keep in mind when managing your team offsite.

Intra-team vs. Inter-team

First and foremost, we need to make note of the fact that there are two different types of communication you will be focusing on in terms of establishing communication among your employees. Inter-team communication is communication between two different teams of employees, while intra-team communication is communication between employees who are working on the same team. When establishing an effective communication network, each of these types of communication is equally important. However, when you are establishing an effective communication network, communication across teams seems to be a source of confusion for companies of all kinds. Therefore, once the teams have learned to communicate effectively among themselves, managers must then focus on facilitating effective communication across teams.

Managing responsibilities and expectations

Another major method of creating an effective communication network among remote workers is openly communicating the responsibilities and expectations for both intra-team and inter-team collaborations. For instance, if a worker will be taking some time off, it is very important for them to communicate this with their team members. On the other hand, if one team has fallen behind or is otherwise experiencing difficulties in terms of meeting a goal, this should be communicated with the other teams immediately.

Response times

Given that all communication is being done online or via phone, there must be a reasonable response time established. To eliminate issues, managers must establish a window of time that allows each employee enough time to provide a useful response or to let them know when they will be able to provide such a response.

Defining vacations

Although working from home allows each employee to essentially work around their own schedule, whenever an employee is unavailable to answer within the established response time, this counts as vacation time. This eliminates issues with non-responsiveness, which can manifest into larger communication issues over time.

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