07/14/21 3:22 pm

Here at Mars International, our electrical engineering team provides a significant advantage in producing efficient, predictable, and reliable designs. When it comes to products these days, they have a host of different moving parts that all need to come together to function as a single, cohesive unit. We’re talking about the system architecture, the PCB layouts, the circuits, the embedded controller software, and more. 

This is why Mars International’s key focus on design for manufacturability is of paramount importance. By focusing on designing products from the beginning with an emphasis on ease of manufacturing, Mars International can provide a significant advantage to customers in producing efficient, predictable, and reliable designs time and time again.

The Power of Designing for Manufacturability: An Overview

What It Is

Design for manufacturability is the practice of focusing on designing products from the very beginning to help ease the manufacturing process. A major benefit to this process stems from how it allows you to identify probable production problems during the design stage. This is especially important so that the risk of potential problems can be mitigated as soon as possible.

Why It’s Useful

Electronic enclosures house a variety of electronic components such as printed circuit boards but they must also be functional. For instance, with a battery holder, you will need to address more than just the way the enclosure looks. It must be structured in a way that it will contain the battery even with vibrations, and will not warp or distort with heat. You also want to make sure that you’re choosing the correct material, like plastic, so it can withstand all the environmental concerns you might have like temperature, vibration, shock, and even UV. Knowing you took the time to choose the right materials will save time and money in the manufacturing process.

How It’s Used at Mars International

Design for manufacturability allows you to stop small problems now before they have a chance to become much bigger ones during later phases of production. It also helps customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in terms of the materials they need for their products and labor costs. Additionally, it puts the electrical engineering team at Mars International in a much better position to achieve better and more consistent quality control through a production process that can be standardized and easily repeated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design for manufacturability means designing products from the outset so they are as easy to manufacture as possible.
  • Design for manufacturability takes into consideration all the factors that may affect manufacturability, like types of raw materials and dimensional tolerances.
  • Since its inception, the electrical engineering team at Mars International has used an emphasis on design for manufacturability to produce efficient, predictable, and reliable designs for customers regularly.

The team at Mars International is proud of the reputation they’ve been able to earn over the years as an industry leader for global contract manufacturing. We offer unparalleled support throughout the product design and manufacturing process and their broad contract manufacturing catalog, coupled with their roots in international contract manufacturing, have allowed them to act as the partner their customers need when they need them the most.

If you’d like to find out more about the Mars International electrical engineering team’s focus on design for manufacturability, or if you’d just like to discuss your situation with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Mars International today.