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When companies embrace technology, they often reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. By aligning with the right partners, businesses can seize opportunities, address challenges, and redefine their business goals as they prepare for the future.

Holby Valves Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermostatic mixing valves used in the plumbing industry, was searching for a way to make its mechanical valves more competitive in the age of digital disruption. They approached Mars International for a solution; one with the flexibility to expand and grow further along Holby’s journey to IoT.


Holby approached Mars International for a flexible solution to meet the challenges of their expanding business goals. Mars International worked with the company to develop an innovative temperature sensor that empowered Holby’s customers to track water temperatures continuously with their mechanical valves.

The sensor was integrated into a temperature tracking system consisting of an internet-enabled base station and a centralized node that automatically connects and communicates over the trusted Zigbee AES128 encrypted network.


The solution Mars International designed gives Holby customers the flexibility to add multiple temperature sensor units to a base unit. Additionally, Holby customers who own buildings with large domestic hot water systems can integrate up to four base stations in a single location to get real-time alerts when water temperatures exceed their custom-selected limits.

The result: a time and cost-saving tool for monitoring hot water temperatures to minimize scalding risks, predict maintenance requirements and improve troubleshooting. The sensor collects valuable temperature data that enables Holby customers to get a better understanding of their domestic hot water system operation at their specific properties, empowering them to make more informed business decisions. Moreover, the Mars International solution keeps them in the know- HolbyMonitor users can receive email and text alerts across their Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, so whether they’re onsite or on the go, they’re always informed.

The Future

Mars International transformed a time-consuming and manual temperature tracking system into a cloud-enabled solution. It created a stepping stone and core piece of technology for Holby’s expansion into other electronic products and the exciting world of IoT.

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