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We were privileged to spend time at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where we joined hundreds of consumer electronics manufacturing companies in showcasing their products.

Mars International and ciqada attend a variety of trade shows, but CES is probably the highest profile, the place where thousands of people gather each January to see what products might be in consumers’ homes in the coming years. Here are a few things that stood out this year.

Alexa and Google

Another trend most media outlets noticed involved interconnected devices from Amazon and Google, which have both launched voice assistant technologies in recent years.

“This year at CES, the gloves came off,” Lifehacker writes. “Google and Amazon are racing to integrate their smart assistants into every gadget in your life.”

The website says the ubiquity of this technology “points to one very [big] push in 2017: Smart Assistants will be everywhere. Amazon and – to a lesser extent, Google want you to view Alexa and Google as a virtual person that’s in every room with you.”

Smarter Cars

Not every consumer electronics manufacturing trend at CES involved products for the home. Car companies were in the mix, showing off everything from a self-driving mini-van (Chrysler) to Honda’s two-seat NeuV, which PC says is “meant to act as a ride-sharing vehicle and includes a slew of emotion-sensing features.”

Thinner TVs

A few consumer electronics manufacturing brands used this year’s CES to display super-thin televisions. LG was there with the Signature W, “which is so thin it practically looks like a poster,” PC writes.

Samsung, meanwhile, introduced a TV disguised as a painting.

“When you’re not watching it, the TV will display artwork rather than turning off entirely,” Lifehacker says. “It’s like something out of Back to the Future.”

The Internet of Things

“This year, manufacturers are keen on connecting even the most seemingly mundane objects to the Internet,” writes PC magazine in its CES trend report.

There was the world’s first smart hairbrush and other interconnected devices, ranging from coffee makers to a mirror that displays the time and weather.

“It is not doomsday and it is not nirvana, but our world is now populated by refrigerators that track consumption, Fitbit monitors that track movement and endless apps that fill in the gaps,” writes Brad Auerbach in Forbes.

He notes that 71 percent of parents have purchased at least one Internet of Things device, and another 37 percent plan to add another IoT product in the next month or two. These include smart TVs, fitness trackers, toys and smart home devices.

There’s even a smart toaster, Lifehacker reports, that lets you adjust its settings via Bluetooth. “Your toast will still probably burn, but at least you’ll have data to explain why.”

Mars International is proud to be a part of this trend. We make connecting your product easy with our ciqada solution, a fully integrated system that  includes hardware modules, web portals, mobile applications, and a private cloud.

You’ll find ciqada at work in everything from humidors to HVAC systems. Contact us today, and we can get to work on creating the type of product that can get your company noticed at next year’s CES.

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