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That’s how many gallons of treated drinking water America loses every day, due to the country’s aging, leaky infrastructure.

That’s according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, which gave the country’s water infrastructure a “D” grade in its annual infrastructure report card this year.

“While water consumption is down, there are still an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States, wasting over two trillion gallons of treated drinking water,” the report says.

And while the White House has proposed $1 trillion for infrastructure improvements around the country, the American Water Works Association says it will take at least that amount just to upgrade the nation’s water systems.

So, what’s the connection between the world of IoT and water management?

Although things are still very much in the initial stages, Internet of Things technology can help the water management industry respond to and stop leaks.

Water leakage is managed by controlling water pressure, overseeing pipelines and other assets, and responding quickly when repairs are needed.

Using technologies that include iot water sensors, sensor data communications, and analytics, IoT applications can help the water industry optimize performance and improve workplace efficiency.

Some of the IOT water applications that combine IoT and water management systems include:

  • Smart IOT water metering
  • IOT Pressure sensors
  • Water quality monitors
  • Automatic shut-off IOT water valves
  • Pump station monitors
  • Acoustic IOT pressure sensors

In addition, the emerging low-power, wide area cellular wireless networks – 4G LTE CatM and NB-IoT — designed for the low data rates typical of the IoT enable deployments in the water industry due to its low cost, low power, and longer battery life.

Ciqada is pleased to be able to offer a bridge between IoT and water management, through:

  • IoT infrastructure including cellular hardware modules and gateways with integrated cloud server for data monitoring and control
  • Custom analytics and data mining via API
  • Sensor technology and hardware integration services available to meet the needs of a specific system.

Mars International and ciqada are pleased to be able to present these IoT capabilities to visitors at this year’s American Water Works Association’s annual conference and exposition in Philadelphia.

Scheduled for June 11 through June 14 at the Philadelphia Convention Center, the ACE17 brings together a collection of global experts to exchange ideas about water management, infrastructure, distribution and advances in technology.

Visit the AWWA website to register for this year’s conference and to get more information.

Look for Mars and ciqada at booth 1215 on the convention floor. We hope to see you there.

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