11/16/16 7:20 am

Americans love solar power.

That’s according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center that found that 89 percent of us favor expanding the use of solar power.

It’s an energy source that has been embraced by more and more U.S. companies, and Mars International is proud to be on that list.

This summer, we added a large solar installation to our building in an effort to save money, be more self-sufficient in terms of electricity and to be a better neighbor to our hometown of Piscataway, New Jersey. Watch this video of our impressive rooftop array of panels.


“It’s part of our commitment to the community that we’re in” said Geoff Engelstein, Mars International’s president and owner. “We believe that New Jersey-based businesses have an important role to play to improve our renewable energy consumption.”

The low-profile solar panels, installed by Solar Mounting Solutions of Newburgh, NY, allow us to turn our headquarters into a zero-net energy building. Essentially, 100 percent of the power Mars uses is generated by the panels, although it doesn’t come directly from the panels. All of that electricity is sent out into the power grid, which means that Mars isn’t charged for the electricity it takes from the grid.

Engelstein said the state of New Jersey has helped the process by offering business incentives to companies that go solar.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, New Jersey has the potential to produce more than six times as much electricity from solar power as the state consumes every year. The state has more than 800,000 commercial and residential rooftops that could house solar panels.

Engelstein, who has solar panels at his own home, said the solar installation is in keeping with Mars’ other environmental efforts.

“We have been reviewing our lighting. And, when we work with vendors, we also encourage them to establish low-energy practices,” he said.

Mars has also made an effort to work with employees and suppliers to curb environmentally-problematic practices such as the exposure to toxic chemicals often used in gold plating.  We have endeavored to remove any hazardous materials from the process and to make sure those materials are disposed of properly.

Founded in 1964, Mars International is a global contract manufacturer that provides value to its customers by delivering electrical and mechanical assemblies and finished goods through a world-class, worldwide manufacturing network.

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