01/10/19 11:30 am

In a world where unexpected occurrences happen every day, Orion distress signals help provide a beacon of light. Mars International and Orion have partnered to create the Electronic Beacon, a high-powered SOS distress signal that works during the day and at night.

Orion marine safety flares and Orion emergency flares are industry leaders in the marine safety products industry, including hand held flares.

Benefits that make a difference

Our beacon flashes two times longer than the US Coast Guard continuous run-time requirement and at an intensity two and a half times higher. It also features SOLAS grade reflective tape and an orange distress flag for extra visibility. The electronic beacon continues the tradition of safety of Orion safety flares, with an easy, intuitive waterproof on-off switch, sealed battery compartment with a double O-ring closure, and packaging in a reusable storage container. Additional features of the Orion Flares marine beacon include visibility for three miles based on line of sight measurement, with the light source extending over 4” above the waterline to increase visibility.

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When dropped overboard, it self-rights and floats. Molded plastic grips aid hand-holding, even when wet, and the included lanyard provides hanging capability. Constructed with a high impact, high visibility orange ABS plastic construction, the low battery indicator function provides insight into how much light remains. Burn time for the beacon is over 50 hours of continuous operation, with 75 Candela of brightness for illumination.

Reshaping the Industry

These new beacon models set a different standard for the industry.

“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Orion to create something useful and of lasting value in this market,” says Art Garcia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mars International. “Orion flares are known for their longevity, safety and durability. Our continued work in this area helps further our goal of delivering top-quality, electrical and mechanical assemblies and finished goods throughout the world.”

Jay McLaughlin, President of Orion Safety Products, stated, “We are proud to provide a product that is easy to use, exceeds USCG performance requirements, is consistently and frequently tested by USCG approved labs, cost efficient, and most importantly, effective. When used with Orion aerial signals, handheld flares are the perfect signaling choice to guide rescuers to your exact position should you ever need assistance.”

Popular in the boating industry Orion Flares marine products are found all over the country. Often sought for their stellar reputation in the marine industry, beacons are a top seller in this category, especially as they relate to watercraft. Although there are a number of types, consumers are loyal to the Orion brand. This is a new venture in the marine industry for Mars International. Their work in developing a new type of beacon that holds true to the value and usefulness of this product makes a huge difference.

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* Beacon is a nighttime compliant device

* Additional safety features

* New partnership for marine industry

For information on the marine beacon, its features and availability, contact a team member at Mars International today!

About Orion Safety Products

Orion Safety Products is the nation’s largest manufacturer of highway and U.S. Coast Guard approved signals. Headquartered in Easton, MD, Orion has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Peru, IN and Bristol, PA. Their website is www.orionsignals.com.

About Mars International

Mars International is a privately owned company that provides value to customers by delivering electrical and mechanical assemblies and finished goods through an extensive world-class manufacturing network. The company has over ten locations in North America and Asia for electronic, metal, and plastic components and assemblies. Mars International is headquartered in Piscataway, NJ and has regional offices throughout North America. Their website is www.marsint.com.