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Last year, our teams of expert contract manufacturers we launched our contract manufacturing blog and began creating articles for our clients, prospects and colleagues to keep you better informed about the contract manufacturing industry and supply chain management.  Along the way our readership has grown.

We wrote more than 25 manufacturing articles and launched our first white paper Critical Criteria for Selecting a Contract Manufacturer.  You responded by downloading and reading this information, and we thank you.  Below is a list of the top five most popular contract manufacturer blog articles from our library.  We thought we would share them again to get the new year started.

(#1) What Is Vendor-Managed Inventory, and How You Can Benefit From It?

Walmart uses it. So does Home Depot. So do many oil companies.

We’re talking here about the practice known as vendor-managed inventory.

Vendor-managed inventory (or VMI) is a process in which the buyer of a product provides information to a vendor, and the vendor then takes responsibility for maintaining a set inventory of their product at the buyer’s location.

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(#2) What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Logistics and supply chain management are closely related, so much so that it might be tempting to use these terms interchangeably.

But there are distinctions between the two fields. Let’s look at what separates supply chain management from logistics, while also exploring how they work together.

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(#3) Improving Product Quality Through PCB Prototyping

Developing and manufacturing prototypes of your printed control boards is an essential step in supporting a new or upgraded product launch. It is important to test your circuit boards before you begin full production to ensure they perform at the standards required.

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(#4) Finding the Right Contract Manufacturer for Your Application

All contract manufacturers are not created equal. When it’s time to choose one for your electro-mechanical assembly and PCB manufacturing, it’s helpful to ask a few key questions:

  • Do they offerdesign and engineering services?
  • Are they ISO certified?
  • Do they have the capacity to handle both small and large jobs?
  • Will they monitor and control inventories and cost?

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(#5) The Commodity Managers Guide To Reclaiming Their Schedule

When it comes to project management, are you a firefighter, or a forecaster? A firefighter is someone who spends all their time putting out fires at work. And figurative workplace fires are like real ones: emergencies, which means there’s no time for long-term planning.  By joining forces with the right contract manufacturer, commodity managers can transition from being firefighters to forecasters, able to see the broader picture and plan.

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As we look to the New Year, we would like to get your input on the topics and information you would like us to cover.  Please take a moment to add your comments to the section below and let’s make 2017 a great year together. Feel free to contact us about any contract manufacturing inquiries you have.

The Mars International Team

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