04/26/21 4:41 pm

Mars International can mass-produce custom-made motor control boards domestically or internationally, depending on its manufacturing partner’s needs. Our team of engineers and designers have the capacity to create an existing or a pre-designed product and can work with partners to design a custom product from scratch to meet a customer’s unique and specific needs. 

Schematic and motor control board designs might not always look pretty on paper, but they are created with the understanding that parts must come together in a certain way for assembly at a high rate.

The Purpose of a Schematic

The purpose of a schematic is to act as a map for a particular design. The schematic is usually broken down into sections to create a netlist that groups these sections functionally, so it’s easy to trace. The netlist will become the first output of a schematic and is used to check your circuit board layout, so when you go to make the circuit board you have a checklist of it. 

The parts list is the second output and will include every part you used to make the circuit board. That way when you go to make a bill of materials or make more copies of these boards in production you’ll know exactly what you used. The schematic will only ever be a drawing to help visualize and drive the system for a motor control board.

What is a Motor Board?

A motor control board is used to control something mechanical. Today, there are two main types of motor control boards; an AC motor and a brushless DC motor. An AC motor is used with a big transmitter and is commonly seen in larger appliances around homes, such as washing machines or dryers. On the other hand, is the brushless DC motor which has really taken over the market in the last 5-10 years. These motors are smaller in size and higher in power, commonly seen in gardening/ lawn equipment such as cordless leaf blowers. 

Mars International can deliver and produce customized Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), including motor control boards in-house, domestically, or have the parts created overseas and the boards assembled in the U.S. This positions Mars to satisfy a wide range of production needs working with many top motion control companies. These motor control boards can also connect to the cloud, allowing operation from a cell phone or a computer. 

Production Efficiency

Mars has the capacity to mass-produce overseas and assemble items in the U.S., which allows them to leverage the global supply chain and deliver a highly efficient, cost-effective quality product. One important aspect of using overseas production is ensuring quality.

Mars is committed to quality control and has a robust process in place to catch any production defects. Quality control also helps reduce costs by:

  • Eliminating repetitive aspects of production
  • Reducing waste costs
  • Limiting the need for repairs and corrections
  • Limiting customer support needs and costs

Key Takeaways

Mars has extensive experience in using supply chain effectively, in manufacturing, and in delivering mass-produced quality products. When it comes to motor control boards, Mars can deliver:

  • Production options to meet various needs – Domestic production capabilities allow for the quick delivery of high-quality products. Overseas production can be a cost-effective way to deliver larger orders.
  • Design options – Mars can produce existing motor control boards, pre-designed motor control boards, or custom design a motor control board to meet a customer’s specific needs whether it’s an AC or brushless DC motor.
  • Quality control – Regardless of where production takes place, or whether Mars designed the product or not, Mars has a robust quality control system to prevent and catch any production errors, reduce cost, and protect its customers.

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