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Mars International in Piscataway, NJ was selected as the launch point for Season 2 of acclaimed conceptual engineering series TinkerENG, with episodes airing in March and April 2019. Mars International worked with TinkerENG in 2018, often providing engineering expertise onsite. TinkerENG is the brainchild of co-hosts Peter Ragonetti and James McArthur, who walk through the product development lifecycle with budding entrepreneurs as they bring new products from prototype to market.

The first season of TinkerENG found the team working through fascinating ideas for consumer goods products such as the Ladder Alert, Todopod and ToastBaker. TinkerENG is owned and produced by Advantage Business Marketing, and airs online at AdvantageBusinessNetwork.com.

Glimpse the World of Product Development

TinkerENG drew a significant audience due to the fascinating subject matter. Viewers got to peek behind the curtain to see how new consumer products were prototyped, tested, refined and ultimately manufactured for the public. Each episode provides a look into the path to determine which products ultimately receive funding — and which are abandoned before they truly get started.  Viewers are invited to submit their application to be a part of the series and work with the professionals on the show.

Season 2 Starts Soon

Mars International, a premier global contract manufacturing firm for mechanical and electrical assemblies, was proud to be invited to take part in such an innovative show.

As TinkerENG gets scaled up for Season 2, they are opening the call for product idea submissions from anyone who believes that they have a winning consumer goods product but lacks the know-how or funding to bring the idea to market. There were 10 projects selected for the first season, and Season 2 is gearing up to be just as exciting. Product development teams determine whether they will need a patent, while working through questions on manufacturing, design and ultimately distribution for their products. Key questions will be asked of the innovators to make decisions about whether or not to move the initial design forward to the next stage of the process.

Watch Previous Episodes

Advantage Business Marketing owns AdvantageBusinessNetwork.com, a new, high-quality broadcast news network focused on product innovation, design, discovery, distribution, and manufacturing. It is also the home network for the TinkerENG series. You can watch previous episodes from 2017 to 2018 online anytime. The network is available to quickly stream the series in high definition from your mobile or desktop devices. Inventors Kirby Kendall, Julie Jester, and Steve Goldberg are put through their paces as TinkerENG preps for the new season’s launch in March 2019.

Follow Innovative Products Through Distribution

The innovative inventors at TinkerENG have the benefits of product knowledge from the design and development engineers at Mars International, as well as feedback from individuals watching the series and interacting online. Peter Ragonetti, co-founder of FORMTAP, MD of PTR Design Studio and Visiting Professor at Pratt, works with James McArthur, Director of Business Development at TeePublic and Entrepreneur in Residence at Pratt, to interview and determine design direction before ultimately putting consumer goods products through their paces.

The big questions for fans of the series: Which of the products will make it through the challenges and achieve funding status? Budding product development pros and entrepreneurs stand to gain a great deal of knowledge around the steps required for successfully submitting their product for design review and eventually distribution. You’ll hear from inventors as they work through each of the stages of the program to become the next TinkerENG success story. Tune in to the series online on AdvantageBusinessNetwork.com or directly on the website TinkerENG.com. Enter your new and exciting idea for consideration by completing the simple application process online.


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