11/02/20 8:22 pm

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually everything about how we live and work. Particularly, many companies have shifted to either having a fully remote team or a partially remote team as a way to limit and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, regardless of how great a manager may be when working with employees in person, these things are often lost in translation when it comes to managing remote work teams.  

However, since we live in the information age, finding the information to help you develop a fantastic team of work from home workers is more accessible than you think. One such method is by implementing a ROWE, or results-only work environment. This method allows companies to easily address many of the issues that are created by switching to a majorly remote workforce. With that in mind, the following is an overview of the ROWE work environment that Mars International has implemented and successfully used for years.

ROWE work environments

One of the best methods of facilitating highly effective work teams is by creating a ROWE work environment. Given that your employees are now working from home, it is a more difficult process to manage their tasks. However, by creating a work environment that is concerned with results only, you will eliminate many of the issues that often plague remote work teams. 

By focusing only on whether or not the teams have been meeting quotas and sales goals or are simply completing their tasks in a timely fashion, this will free both employees and management from worrying about how time is being spent by those who are working out of the office. There is no need to focus on how long an employee is taking for lunch, nor do you need to focus on what time they begin working each day.

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Working from home– or anywhere else

On the other hand, managers must also understand that they should not be focusing on where the person is completing the work. No matter if they are at a coffee shop, home, their neighbor’s house, or anywhere else they feel comfortable, the main goal is receiving the intended results, not micromanaging where they choose to do the work.

Ditch individual working hours

Moreover, managers should also not concern themselves with the working hours of each employee. As long as they are getting the work done on time and achieving results, the times at which they are doing the work should be irrelevant to the managers and other employees. However, this also assumes that the employee is using great communication and providing everyone with updates if they do experience issues along the way. Communication is key!

Treat people like adults

You may believe this to be counterproductive, however, this only works if you trust your team to do the job they were hired to do. Although it may be tempting to use various measures of holding the individual employees accountable, you should be comfortable with treating everyone like adults. While there should be obvious consequences for those who are not pulling their weight, you should also assume that each employee is fully capable of completing the work on their own. Therefore, rather than focusing on threatening them with consequences for not completing their work, you should be offering them the resources necessary to complete their tasks and encouraging them to reach out if they encounter any major issues in a timely manner. It is important to clearly define roles and expectations in order to expect your team to provide. 

Mars International is a Results Only Work Environment and can continue to service your needs while keeping you and our employees safe during the current pandemic.