08/24/17 10:02 am

In our recent ciqada white paper, we outlined ten critical areas where security issues can impact the safety of your IoT systems. We will re-cap this information in four articles, each of which will focus on two to three elements that should be considered to help protect your IoT enabled devices and systems.

In this article, we will talk about injection flaws along with broken authentication and management.

06/09/17 9:48 am

Every year, the American Water Works Association’s conference and expo brings together experts from around the globe to share ideas about water management, infrastructure and technology.

This year, the annual conference and exposition (or ACE) is happening in Philadelphia, and Mars and ciqada are pleased to be a part of it.

We’ll be among the exhibitors at the event, telling the world how ciqada’s Internet of Things solution can offer a bridge between IoT and water management:

IoT infrastructure including cellular hardware modules and gateways with integrated cloud server for data monitoring and control Custom analytics and data mining via API Sensor technology and hardware integration services available to meet the needs of a specific system.