12/20/19 5:32 pm

Mars International is excited to announce its participation in the CES 2020 Las Vegas event. This event will be held from January 7th-10th at the Vegas Convention Center. The CES 2020 date is a set to set aside for anyone in the Consumer Technology Association or anyone interested in the next-generation technology. Many developers and suppliers of consumer technology will be there. Over 182,000 attendees from 160 countries are expected to attend. The CES 2020 Las Vegas show is the world’s largest consumer electronics event. There will be plenty of new devices, gizmos, and gadgets to see.

New Innovations to See at CES 2020 Las Vegas

Try out the NextMind’s sounding brain-sensing device. It’s the first tool that makes a device act by thought alone. It’s worn around the head and picks up signals from the visual cortex. This new far-out device can translate thoughts into digital commands. Witness the new Smart LiDAR Sensor by RoboSense. It’s radar with lasers. This new technology picks up on hazards when they come into range. It’s a new leap for intelligent car performance.

Samsung will present its next-gen screen technology. It upscales screen to 8K resolution. Other TV innovations include roll-able screens. For lovers of the outdoors and sports, the Nexoptic DoubleTake will impress. It uses camera technology to see clearer and further. In the smart home category, PassiveBolt will present its new smart lock. Instead of fingerprint technology, it uses electronic key technology. The smart lock will unlock the front door with just a touch. Plus, it alerts the homeowner through a mobile app of unauthorized entry. You’ll also see new technology in remote monitoring and data analytics for the healthcare industry.


Join in the SuperSession conferences from key players from the Consumer Technology Association in the technology industry. Learn about how new technology will transform the landscape. Featured speakers include Cristiano Amon of Qualcomm Incorporated, Ed Bastion of Delta and Shelly Bell of Black Girl Ventures. Topics will include drones, wearable fitness technology, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. Robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the way business is done. Learn all about it at CES Las Vegas 2020. Drones have revolutionized the way we work in our world. Learn how they are used in law enforcement, travel, sports and disaster relief. Explore self-driving technologies of self-driving cars, including collision avoidance and parking assist. See how advances in sensor technology are taking fitness to the next level. It’s the next step in fitness and health.

Even promote your brand at a CES 2020 booth. Put your brand in front of key players and decision-makers. CES 2020 Las Vegas spans more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space. You can also expand your brand’s name through the CES app, banners, marquee displays and livestream programming. This allows you to expand your brand’s presence beyond the booth. All around, the CES 2020 Las Vegas show is not to be missed.

Reasons to Attend CES 2020 Las Vegas

The CES Las Vegas 2020 event will be the largest gathering place for those in the business of consumer technologies. The benefits of attending include:

  • Networking with like-minds in the industry
  • Expanding your brand’s name
  • Learning about ground-breaking new technologies
  • An enjoyable social experience
  • Experience the global stage of next-generation technology
  • Attain inside business knowledge

Mars International delivers mechanical assemblies, electrical assemblies, and finished goods through a very large manufacturing network. They are a leader in the manufacturing industry. If you’d like to know more about the CES 2020 Las Vegas event and their participation, just give them a call.