08/17/18 6:24 pm

Trade Show Spotlight: Solar Power International Expo

Solar power is the way of the future to power our cars, homes, and businesses. What better way to connect with product manufacturers, industry leaders, and innovators than to attend the Solar Power International (SPI) Expo.

With events produced by the Smart Electric Power Alliance and the Solar Energy Industries Association, the SPI Conference and Expo will be held in Anaheim, California from September 24th through September 27th. Engineers, distributors, installers, architects, contractors, developers and other industry professionals will be networking as well as meeting manufacturers and suppliers at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Learn and Discover New Solutions in Solar Power

Trade Show Spotlight: Solar Power International ExpoAt the SPI Conference and Expo, it is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor to learn more about the solar power industry and the innovative strides that have been made to bring efficient and cost-effective products and components to the residential and commercial market. This four-day event will allow you to explore new ideas that may be incorporated into your business and see what the competitors may be up to so you can refine your business operations and goals.

The SPI Anaheim Conference will also host over 100 educational sessions throughout the event. You won’t even have to leave the show floor to go to a separate conference room to see the educational sessions. Some of the educational programs will be featured right on the show floor.

Don’t forget to stop in and see what policymakers are talking about in regards to the solar power and the energy market. At the Solar Power International Conference and Expo, policymakers will be in attendance to talk about developments that may impact your business sector. By learning the latest policy news, you can prepare for whatever the future lies in store so your company can stand out from the competition.

Attending the SPI Conference to Boost Business Potential

Trade Show Spotlight: Solar Power International Expo

As one of the largest solar events in North America, the SPI in Anaheim, California will be your opportunity to see firsthand the products, components, and innovations that are being developed and manufactured today. You will learn directly from manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and other professionals about how such components and products could be placed into your business, what potential cost savings and efficiency that can be gained, and the incredible deals that could be made.

You will also be able to learn how to make your operations, products and supply chains more aligned to your goals through networking events with professionals, industry leaders and exports.

So make sure to mark your calendars for the Solar Power International Conference to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California. From September 24th to September 27th, you’ll gain a great chance to be in the same room with the leading global experts who are constantly changing the industry to make it better for everyone.

Also remember that with all these solar power innovations, you will have to find electrical and mechanical assemblies to build products or incorporate the desired machinery into operations to make your manufacturing company a dominant force in your market segment. With the product and innovation knowledge gained from the SPI conference, you can now contact Mars International for the right finished goods and assemblies for your manufacturing floor.

Here at Mars International, we are a global contract manufacturer teaming up with OEM manufacturers who need assemblies and product projects for their operations. With state-of-the-art design and production equipment combined with a world-class engineering team, we will bring the component, assemblies and finished goods to your manufacturing floor through our extended supply chain management infrastructure.

Learn more about the Solar Power International Expo and Conference to leverage the industry ideas and innovations into your operations. Then reach out to Mars International for contract manufacturing services to have high-quality projects.