07/13/18 5:16 pm

Trade Show Spotlight: The Water ExpoThere are plenty of trade shows happening at the end of summer, but one really stands out to us; the Water Expo. Make sure to free up your schedule to attend the Water Expo 2018 so you can get a first-hand view of the equipment, technologies, products and more for the wastewater, sanitation, water quality and stormwater, and environmental services industries.

The Water Expo 2018 will have dealers, buyers, manufacturers, contractors, and other industry professionals and experts. Over 40 countries will be sending their representatives to be in attendance including representatives from Latin America, the United States, and the Caribbean.

What You Need to Know About Water Trade Shows

Trade Show Spotlight: The Water Expo

This 7th edition water trade show will offer both indoor and outdoor exhibits as presenters will feature technologies, equipment, and other products that have a present and future impact on the water industry. You also gain the chance to meet public and private water & sewage organizations, water utility plant operators, drinking water distributors, plumbers, policymakers and engineers gathered in one amazing location as they will share business opportunities, educational resources, and networking opportunities.

This event is important to Mars International and its attendees (who are looking for a world-class manufacturing network that delivers electrical assemblies, mechanical assemblies, and finished goods to a range of manufacturers in the water sector). Having the right electrical, mechanical and plastic components that are desired to process drinking water and wastewater, provide filtration products, and to streamline work services for residential, commercial and industrial contractors, are just a few of the innovative solutions that Mars International offers.

So, will you be there? Book early so that you can lock in host hotel booking rates and registration features.

Trade Show Spotlight: The Water Expo

You can gain full VIP access to both the full conference and the water expo event as there will be a keynote main opening event, indoor and outdoor exhibits, outdoor live demos, hall tracks and an exciting Hora Loca party. In addition, you can gain discounted rates to attend special courses.

If you are pressed for time, you can skip the conference and just attend the Water Expo portion of the event. At the water expo only event, you will gain access to see the live demos, hall tracks and both the indoor and outdoor exhibits for both scheduled days.

If you are looking to connect with innovation partners in the water and wastewater industries, find the best deals from major suppliers, and discover business opportunities, you don’t want to miss the Water Expo 2018 at the Miami Airport Convention Center on August 29th and 30th. You can book online, call, or send an email to register. Also, you only have until July 28th to get a host hotel room at the Hilton Hotel.

With so many companies, organizations, associations, and policymakers attending the Water Expo 2018, this will be one of the biggest water trade shows and water filtration trade shows available.

We are an industry expert in product manufacturing services as we help manufacturers reach supply chain efficiency by offering component design and production solutions. With cost-effective electrical and mechanical assembly components, along with finished products, we help manufacturers reduce costs while providing high-quality services.

Let us know if you are attending the Water Trade Expo, or reach out to our company anytime when you desire component manufacturing for your next project. We look forward to meeting or hearing from you.