10/13/21 1:54 pm

Here at Mars International, we are huge proponents of sustainability and green living. As such, we do our very best to stay in the know when it comes to matters affecting the earth and environment. One way we go about this is by providing clients with advice and green-friendly options as it pertains to manufacturing and collaborating with other companies and organizations. This is why we will be attending this year’s Weftec (The Water Quality Event), taking place this October in Chicago, Illinois. 

Details About The Trade Show

For those who have not yet heard of Weftec, it is an event that allows people working at all levels of the water community to connect. Given the fact that the world is now seeking ways to purify and create more renewable water sources, those working in the water industry must be connected and collaborating to create innovative solutions. In particular, the event is meant to help those who are working in the water industry to explore, network, learn, create professional growth, and strengthen their connections.

Here are the specifics of the event:

  • Learning: Attendees will learn from the best and brightest at the event. This event promises a world-class education that includes everything one needs to know about the present state of water quality across the globe. This information will be provided using a variety of tools and learning styles.
  • Education Credits: Learning at this event is not only for the benefit of the attendees, but it will also allow them to earn education credits on a national level. By choosing to participate in technical sessions and workshops, attendees earn contact hours during the exhibition.
  • Networking: The event will provide time for attendees to meet other professionals and build new relationships. This makes it possible to forge new collaborations, further develop one’s career, and more. This is an essential step for water community members due to water quality issues in various areas across the country. This event will allow water industry companies and professionals the opportunity to work together to create solutions to provide high-quality water for the entire country.
  • Customer Service: Focusing on water quality and ways to provide better products and services will allow the water industry to provide better customer service all around. Customer service is vital for client retention and to generate more revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Attending the WEFTEC is one of the best ways for those working in the water industry to connect with others, learn, and expand their business.
  • This trade show allows attendees to earn educational credits, make new connections with people in the industry, and focus on the importance of water quality.

Connect with Mars International at Weftec!

Catch Mars International at booth #3003! Attending this year’s Weftec will allow us to gain insider knowledge that we will, in turn, impart to our clients who are involved in the water industry. Here at Mars International, we feel we must spread information that will help companies make choices that favor sustainability and a greener world overall. If you are seeking global contract manufacturing services from a company that champions sustainability, contact us today for more information.