06/22/21 3:33 pm

When it comes to the engineering field, there are lots of products and materials that are imperative. Although there is some flexibility in which material they can use, those who work in the engineering field tend to use the same materials over and over. Plastic is one such material. No matter what type of engineer you may be, plastic is a widely used material for a wide variety of reasons. With that in mind, the following is an overview of why that is.

Why Plastic is So Important

As mentioned, plastic has become a staple material within the field of engineering. This is for a wide array of reasons. Some of which are as follows:

Inexpensive Alternative

One of the top reasons plastic is so important to the engineering field is that it is an inexpensive alternative to materials being used previously. In other words, as the costs of other materials continued to rise, plastic emerged as a suitable alternative to materials such as sheet metal to allow companies to quickly and easily create the parts needed to create various goods and products.


Plastic is used in virtually every sector known to man. No matter if it’s only used in a minor capacity, plastic is a versatile material that can be used in varying capacities. In the field of engineering, plastic can be used to make everything from small connectors to large gears and much more. There is a wide variety of plastics out there so the type you work with depends on what it is being used for.

Environmental Benefits

Additionally, the use of plastic can also help with environmental concerns. On the one hand, since plastic can easily be recycled, using plastic can quite literally help reduce one’s carbon footprint. On the other hand, environmentally speaking, plastic can withstand a lot more of the elements than other types of materials can. Therefore, it is ideal for certain projects and products that will be located in areas that are overly humid, hot, etc. Plastic may also be better suited for absorbing vibrations, shock, and more.


Plastic may also be safer for certain activities and projects, in general. Since it is not conducive to electricity, typically not sharp, and naturally more flexible when compared to materials such as sheet metal, plastic is an ideal alternative for those who may be developing and designing projects of all kinds. Plastic is also highly resilient and durable. This makes it a great material for those who are required to regularly work with certain materials, test them, and ensure that they are safe enough for the public.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plastic is a material that was first included in the engineering field as an alternative to more expensive materials.
  • Plastic is an ideal material for certain aspects of engineering because it is universal and is used in virtually every sector in some capacity.
  • Plastic has environmental benefits, i.e., being easy to weatherproof when compared to other materials.

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