5 Industries That Use Embedded Design

Embedded design has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. Given the creation and widespread use of the IoT, and other related technologies, many industries are beginning to use an embedded design system due to its functionality and convenience. We are now in an age in which more organizations are realizing the usefulness of embedded design than ever before. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 industries that use embedded design.

What is Embedded Design?

Simply put, embedded design is a term that refers to the design of systems that are embedded. However, as we all know, when it comes to the technological realm, most concepts are much more complex than they seem. To take it a step further, embedded automation technology describes electronic devices that:

  • Are designed specifically and with limited functionality
  • Are implemented as components to mechanical or electrical systems
  • Include a central component for computational tasks

5 Industries that use Embedded Design

Now that you know more about the types of embedded systems and what embedded design entails, let’s take a look at embedded system applications and the application of embedded systems in industrial automation. The following is a list of industries that are presently using embedded design.

1. Building Automation

One cutting-edge industry that is using embedded design is building automation. Many companies are now designing smart homes and buildings that often include HVAC systems with embedded software, among many other related components, building automation is one sector that is using embedded design in a major way.

2. Automotive

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Another industry that uses embedded design is the automotive industry. The automotive industry has been using more artificial intelligence (AI) and is also including more automated amenities. For instance, you have most likely heard about the driverless car, which will likely be sold in mass at some point soon. Embedded design plays a major role in the ability to develop this class of vehicle.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare is yet another industry that is using embedded design more and more. For instance, the healthcare industry uses small embedded systems that help with things such as heart monitoring, as well as uncovering artery blockages, among other things. Additionally, this industry also uses tools such as handheld portable therapeutic devices and equipment that are used for monitoring vital signs, which also rely on embedded systems. In the future, embedded design will likely be used to help the field of telehealth progress, by providing patients with affordable medical devices that can help monitor and stabilize their health while in the comfort of their own homes.

4. Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics sector has been using embedded design systems for decades. However, they are just getting started. Embedded design will be used to create a new class of more futuristic personal electronic devices. Moreover, many companies will use embedded design to help improve electronics by making them smarter and more reliable.

5. Railroads

Trends in embedded industry, application of embedded system in industrial automation, types of embedded systems, embedded automation technology, embedded system applicationsLastly, the railroad industry is now using embedded design in its signaling system in order to make traveling safer overall. Embedded design is being used to manage heavy railroad traffic as well as railroad signals, which can help reduce accidents and other preventable mishaps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embedded design is commonly used in a wide variety of different industries
  • With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of IoT, embedded systems are being used more than ever

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