How to Select a Contract Manufacturer That Can Help Your Company

Selecting the right contract manufacturer for your company is a daunting process. Making the wrong choice can create production delays, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and may cause you to have to switch contractors, which is a costly and time-consuming process. The right contract manufacturer will deliver a long-lasting partnership allowing your business to grow, meet demand, and evolve products.

A contract manufacturer can help manage resources, design products, and provide a range of services essential to your business. Below are some critical factors in choosing the right one.

What to Look For in a Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturers have to be able to meet your current and future needs. Understanding their capabilities and limitations is crucial in making the right choice. Some contractors might offer a lower price but have fewer capabilities, meaning that you might have to make a switch down the line. Price is always an important consideration, but capabilities and incorporating the long-term vision for your business into your decision-making process is critical.

Perhaps you only need circuit board assembly right now, but eventually, you may expect your needs to expand. Having a contract manufacturer that also offers design and engineering services could be the right choice, even if that is not reflective of your current business needs. Mars International offers a wide range of services that vary based on customer needs, from the assembly of predesigned products, custom-made products, and design services. This range of services means you have a contractor that can provide whatever service you need as your business evolves.

Quality Control

Quality control is crucial in manufacturing. A defect can prove costly and greatly harm reputations. The right contract manufacturer will have a robust quality control process to ensure products meet specifications and the ability to correct defects or errors. Quality control also can help keep costs down. The process can:

  • Eliminate repetitive work
  • Reduce waste costs
  • Reduce repairs
  • Reduce customer support costs

Make sure the contract manufacturer has a systematic approach to ensure quality. Everyone will say they have quality control, but what do they do? What is their process to ensure quality, reduce waste and boost customer satisfaction? Purely reactive quality control is when something is fixed or tested only after it goes wrong/malfunctions, this is not quality control. Quality Control means evaluating and improving the production process along the way to ensure the best products go out and the most efficient process is used.

The Supply Chain

Another important consideration to make when selecting a contract manufacturer is the supply chain. More importantly, what kind of facilities does the contract manufacturer have, and where are they located? You would need to evaluate what works better for the needs of your business and make decisions based on the speed of delivery or strictly cost savings. In most cases, domestic product assembly is usually the fastest way of manufacturing. However, in other cases, overseas manufacturing with the assembly of parts in the U.S. might be a better option for you.

Another important detail to keep in mind is whether the contract manufacturer has domestic facilities and if they have relationships or overseas partnerships. Where manufacturing takes place can shift based on timing, product needs, and cost. Diverse production options that fully optimize the global supply chain are important in choosing a contract manufacturer.

Key Takeaways

  • Contract manufacturers should provide a range of services allowing them to meet your needs as your business evolves.
  • Robust quality control can reduce costs in a myriad of ways and ensure products meet specifications.
  • The supply chain and what kind of facilities the manufacturer contractor has are important and go hand-in-hand with evaluating their capabilities.

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