Mars’ Ability to Design and Manufacture Healthcare Products

Mars International specializes in manufacturing partnerships, focusing on time-to-market, reduced cost, and high-quality production and design of products. Founded in 1964 as an electrical components supplier, Mars grew and evolved, pioneering global offshore manufacturing and a dynamic ability to design products ready for mass production.

The company’s approach to mass-produced products has made it a perfect fit for the healthcare industry, and it has a long history of great work with medical products.

The Mars Approach

Our engineers and designers approach their job with a mass production mindset. Product designs are not made to look pretty on paper, but with an understanding that parts need to come together in a certain way for assembly at a high rate. Mars works with customers as partners to design the products they need while understanding the production process and the global supply chain to deliver cost and design efficiencies.

Mars provides design services and also contract manufacturing services. If a product already exists, Mars can get a quote and start manufacturing it, providing a quick turnaround if needed, while also looking for second-generation product opportunities.

Dynamic Products that Meet FDA Regulations

Mars International is very experienced with meeting FDA regulations and satisfying all regulatory and legal requirements when designing and manufacturing medical products.

For example, Mars designed and manufactured several handheld electrical devices over the years which recently include the gammaCore. This is an FDA-cleared device that treats migraines without the need for medication or more invasive treatments. Our design engineers successfully married the manufacturability and functionality of the product as well as the aesthetics.

Mars also worked with Abbott Laboratories and Johnson and Johnson, designing a battery holder for an analyzer strip for diabetics to regularly check their blood sugar. The product had to meet FDA, but also ADA regulations for accessibility. Seniors had to be able to access and change out the battery when needed.

Broad Experience in the Medical Field

The company has a “clean room” facility as part of its production process and can, and has done, high-quality medical products to meet various medical needs and procedures.

Mars’ experience in the medical field ranges from more specialized, unique parts and equipment to general medical products. We have produced other mechanical items such as range-of-motion knee brace hinges but also manufactured orthopedic cold therapy control boards, blood analyzers, electrolysis system controllers, and isometric physical therapy knee exercise controllers.

Mars makes surgical needles, stainless steel tubing for elective surgeries, and suture needles. The Mars partnership approach and design capabilities mean the company can make any needle on spec. Some of Mars’ more high-end experience includes control sensor software, sophisticated injection-molded plastic, surgical medical-grade products, and tubes used in laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mars International approach makes it a perfect partner in the development and production of medical products. It can handle items on spec, assist with design, or deliver production of existing products
  • Mars has the experience and facilities, including a clean room, to deliver FDA-approved medical-related products
  • Mars has a wide range of experience in the medical field and has partnered with big and small companies. We can handle small, simple, mechanical items to more complex and sophisticated medical devices

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