The proper use of plastic in engineering is an important part of providing a quality product that meets consumer and company standards. These plastics must hold up to legal requirements, stand the test of time and work effectively in their location. A company that makes good use of plastics in their engineering decisions will stand out from its competitors………READ MORE
Gates and garage doors are designed to be safe and secure. One of the components that helps them remain that way is safety beams, which are a vital part of the structure. But a beam is much more than just a piece of wood or metal when it is used in this way. There are also mechanical aspects to………READ MORE
Trends such as innovation, automation, rising foreign labor costs, and trade wars have resulted in a return to domestic production for many industries. Although offshore manufacturing still makes sense from a cost perspective for large runs, the cost differential between foreign and domestic manufacturing companies for smaller runs is diminishing. Domestic manufacturing provides many other advantages for smaller and medium-sized runs,………READ MORE
With innovation, new product design, and managing materials in the supply chain on top of our agenda, Mars International can help with any project you might need. The Concept and Design Process Our engineers not only conceptualize and design unique products, but our ultimate goal is also to make products more affordable with our approach to production and the associated supply chain……….READ MORE
Mars International was founded in 1964 to deliver electrical and mechanical assemblies and finished goods through our extensive world-class manufacturing network. Pioneering a global offshore manufacturing strategy, we are global leaders in the contract manufacturing industry. The following case study will demonstrate our flair for innovation. The Challenge Our client needed a visual distress signal as a replacement for traditional………READ MORE
Mars International is a company where innovation meets design. We are a global leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical and electrical assemblies headquartered in Piscataway, NJ, with manufacturing facilities throughout the world. The following is a case study in the innovation and design of industrial beam technology. The Challenge Following the success of our optics innovation and………READ MORE
Modern garage doors offer security, convenience, and power. In today’s tech-heavy world, these devices are also able to be used via smartphones, which gives them the ability to be integrated with smart-home systems and allows them to be used remotely. While these are great conveniences and can improve both security and convenience, there are a number of safety concerns that come………READ MORE
In order to maintain the right degree of technology for your business, consider the application of IoT. You would be in the majority, as 85 percent of companies are planning to implement the Internet of Things in 2020 according to data by Forrester Research. Take a closer look at five of the most pressing IoT trends in manufacturing in the coming year, and consider………READ MORE
Mars International has a professional design and development team that can utilize cutting-edge technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), to help you create and design the product of your dreams. Benefits of Using a Professional Design and Development Team Designing a product whose quality can compete with others on the market is an arduous and complex task. One of………READ MORE

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