Healthcare Product Examples


Healthcare Manufacturing

Today’s new and emerging technological healthcare devices strive to meet the desire for healthy, independent living. With a focus on safety, security, efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, technological advances enable a migration to small, mobile healthcare devices, non-invasive or minimally-invasive surgical procedures, and home-based solutions to manage and monitor patient health.

Healthcare Product Examples

A top-tier healthcare product manufacturer, Mars International’s manufacturing capabilities best serve products for digital home health and security, disposables, and minimally-invasive surgical healthcare devices. Our expertise provides a powerful combination to develop products for the healthcare industry:

  • Control and sensor electronics and software
  • Sophisticated injection molded plastic
  • Surgical grade metal manufacturing and assembly
  • Small diameter medical grade stainless steel tubing
  • Clean room environments for manufacturing medical products

Disposable & home healthcare product opportunities include urinary catheters, dry powder inhalers, prefillable syringes, oral care products, blood analyzers, insulin pumps, stainless steel needles, pre-loaded disposable staple applicators, and brace hardware, among many others. Healthcare devices for safety and security include motion detectors, door and window sensors, sensors for beds, chairs, and toilets, medical alert systems, medication management, vital sign monitors, and various other at-home devices for patient care and monitoring.

Another example of a healthcare product that Mars offers is our welded and drawn stainless steel tubing, which is a component part in orthopedic and vascular minimally-invasive surgical procedures such as laparoscopy and arthroscopy, and diagnostic procedures such as angiography and endoscopy. Our stainless steel capability includes custom finished, precision end cuts, chemical etching, and chemical passivation for stainless steel needles, staples, stents, etc.

Whether you’re providing new solutions or looking for incremental product improvements, Mars International has the expertise to design, develop and manufacture a high-quality medical product for you!

See the photo gallery for our healthcare product examples in the market.