Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board Assembly


Circuit Board Assembly

Printed board assembly is a crucial part of your fabrication process, with the highest standards of quality necessary to ensure that your finished product is consistent and consumer-ready. At Mars International, we retain control of the process to provide you with the fast, friendly and convenient service that you deserve for your PCB board assembly needs. Working with multiple vendors throughout the process of design, through production and delivery, means that there are multiple fail points — which is why our team professionally ushers your circuit board development process through each stage. See how our processes ensure consistent levels of quality to add value to your finished products.

Proactive Prototype Development

Developing and manufacturing prototypes of your printed control boards is an essential step in supporting a new or upgraded product launch. It is important to test your surface mount circuit boards before you begin full production to ensure they perform at the standards required. To assist our customers with small and medium-sized SMPT orders, we offer surface mount printed circuit board assembly in our Piscataway, New Jersey facility. Our engineering team can design the circuits, lay out the boards and offer guidance with the final product specifications. We want your products to be successful — so we provide helpful suggestions and best practices throughout the design and development stages.

Printed Board Assembly: Quality You Can Trust

Inconsistencies in the PCB board assembly process can sink an otherwise successful product launch, and our teams are always looking for ways to reduce variability in the systems. When you work with Mars International, you can trust that your circuit board development process is receiving attention from all levels of our organization, to ensure that your products are dependable and able to stand the test of time. Our assembly line is RoHS compliant and all assemblies will meet IPC-A-610, Class II Quality Standards as a minimum. Whether you have a small run or a larger project, we provide the same uniformity that you expect from a quality manufacturer of printed boards.

Support for All Stages of Manufacturing

Some organizations only handle large runs, but Mars International is able to support all stages of manufacturing from prototypes to short runs. Our assembly line has been optimized to create a highly reliable process that is versatile for a variety of different projects. Our SMT circuit board assembly line provides value to our customers for the following situations:

  • Prototypes: Creating a new design can require questions and back-and-forth between clients and manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team will help walk you through each step to make your finished prototype as run-ready as possible.

  • Pre-production: Our pre-production runs of between 100-1000 surface mount assembly circuit boards allow you to debug the design or perform Beta tests before transitioning to full-scale production of your design.

  • Short-Run Production: Need a smaller batch? Our short-run production services are ideal for our customers that have products with limited production requirements.

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You can see examples of our printed circuit board assembly in this product examples page.

From the first interaction to the delivery of your final production run, you will see the commitment to quality that each Mars International team member brings to your project. Contact us today at 908-233-0101 or visit us online to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.