Garage Doors and Gates

In 1993 Underwriters Laboratory released UL 325, a new safety regulation for Garage Door Openers. It mandated a non-contact safety system for all openers, an innovation that has saved many lives.

And Mars International was the first company to offer a UL 325 compliant IR safety device that could be installed on most existing openers out in the field. It has been in continuous production since then, with millions of installations and an unsurpassed reliability and safety record. Our 'Little Yellow Beam' is legendary in the industry.

Over the years, we have extended our line of infrared sensors into a variety of applications, including gate access, marine, automotive, consumer, and industrial-commercial. And with our customers operating in extremely cost-conscious industries, our design teams labor to squeeze out every cent of value.

Let us create a customized sensor suite for your most demanding applications. We'd be happy to create the right gate sensor, garage door sensor, or whatever type of access technology sensor you need. Wireless capability is available for our access technology products. Call us today and speak with one of our experts.