Mechanical Engineering and Analysis

Caddy Top 2Our in-house engineers have extensive experience recommending strategies for products in various industries. From initial concept assessment to producing final product and test specifications for manufacturing, as well as facilitating the migration to manufacturing and volume production, they support all phases of product development. With a key focus on Design for Manufacturability, emphasis on concurrent product and manufacturing design, our mechanical engineering analysis team provides a significant advantage in producing efficient, predictable and reliable designs.

Our expertise spans all aspects of mechanical design and analysis necessary to produce metal and plastic components and housings for products in many industries. These services include:

  • 3-D modeling with 3-D printing capability
  • Structural analysis and simulation
  • Injection molding design analysis and simulation
  • Mechanical & electro-mechanical assembly
  • Rapid prototyping and functional models

Mechanical Design With Solid Modeling Software

We understand the tradeoffs associated with material selection, molding process, casting method, etc., to present the most reliable, cost-effective solutions. To facilitate development, our solid modeling software enables us to design complex, sculpted shapes and move the geometric data directly to manufacturing. Using this same data as the basis for all in-house finite-element analysis ensures consistency between our engineering simulations and our manufacturing facilities.

Our mechanical engineering analysis team augments our customers’ product team for new product developments, product modifications, or line extensions. Providing both pre- and post-production support, we support full turnkey product development or engage anywhere along the product development cycle to provide the expertise and resources necessary to deliver high quality products on time.