Project Management

iStock000018266737XSmallSuccessfully Bringing New Products to Market

We are committed to your success! Each project, regardless of scope, is assigned a dedicated Project Manager to lead and execute the project plan − from first line of contact with the customer until the product is released to production. The Project Manager coordinates, manages, and monitors the day to day activities to guarantee the project progresses as planned.

We use interactive project management and cloud-based document management systems to assist in managing and monitoring the following:

  • Schedules
  • Cost and budgets
  • Communication and status
  • Document management

Reviewing Timelines, Costs and Scope of Work

Our gated new product development process divides the project into phases. Each phase must pass through a review gate where the scope of work, budget, and timelines are examined, and approvals received. A detailed project plan and the phase-gate requirements and acceptance criteria are established at a Design Kickoff Meeting with representatives from the customer, design, tooling, and manufacturing. The phases defined depend upon the scope of each project and might include:

  • Assessment
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Release to manufacturing
  • First article inspection
  • Release to production

The procedures established ensure accuracy and completeness throughout the course of bringing new products to market. Our project management approach has proven successful for countless projects undertaken by Mars International. Our comprehensive services, delivered through ISO 9001:2008 certified procedures, ensure total quality management through every phase of the project.

Let our sophisticated processes and accomplished people assist you in making your next product development a success!