Product Design & Development Services

product design and manufacturing planCombining the expertise at Mars International in electronics, plastics, and metals to create final products is the very essence of our value proposition. We are experts in industrial product design and development know how to design a product for manufacturing. We specialize in product design and development with an ability to design circuits, layout boards, write software, design mechanical components and housings, and create the tooling required for manufacturing all under one roof.

Our manufacturing and product design proficiency in taking products from initial concept, through design, analysis and validation, to final product specification, and into volume manufacturing provides an outstanding framework for your product success. Close collaboration with our customers and the tightly-coupled link to our manufacturing and test facilities provide for best-in-class solutions that meet your time-to-market, quality, and budgetary requirements.

Our Design for Manufacturability strategy establishes a methodology for concurrent product and manufacturing design, resulting in compressed development cycles and ensuring efficient, predictable and reliable products. 

More information on our product design and manufacturing engineering services can be found under Engineering Services or from the following links:

Providing both pre- and post-production support, our engineering team is the essential complement to our core product design engineering services. See what we're capable of in our case studies.